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Addiction and substance dependence are currently impacting people all over the world. There are many individuals who are dealing with drug and alcohol abuse. Most families have at least one loved one who is struggling with an addiction problem. Although there are plenty of rehabilitation centers that work to help people overcome addiction, there is a big problem. Many people are treating addiction but few are working on understanding addiction. It’s good to try to help people overcome substance abuse. But, without the proper education, it will be hard for people to stay on track. Even after going through a treatment program, people can relapse if they’re not sure how to avoid it. On the other hand, families of addicted individuals also need to work towards better understanding addiction. If everyone knows more about the characteristics and signs of substance abuse, we can improve on our fight against addiction.

The Key to Better Understanding Addiction

If your family has been impacted by addiction, it may be helpful to learn more about substance abuse. As you work on understanding addiction a little better, you may have to change your approach. It can be somewhat difficult to really see the depths of what substance abuse is. It’s also hard to tell exactly what addiction will look like in the life of your loved one. This is because the effects of drugs and alcohol can vary a little in the lives of different individuals. Even so, the characteristics of addiction can be pretty similar from case to case. And, part of understanding addiction is identifying and acknowledging its common characteristics. In simpler words, you can understand what substance abuse is by seeing what it looks like. Let’s talk about what that means and what some of the common characteristics of addiction are right now.

What Does Addiction Look Like?

Like we said a little earlier, addiction doesn’t show itself the same way in every life it affects. But there are some signs and characteristics that indicate that there is an addiction problem. It can be difficult to identify these characteristics sometimes. But, learning to see them allows you to move towards better understanding addiction and how it is impacting your loved one. There are a few changes that addiction brings into the lives of those who are dealing with it. For some people, addiction shows itself in the characteristic of loss of judgment. Many individuals lose their ability to make healthy choices at times due to the effects of addiction. Substance abuse can cause people to be unable to stop consuming the drug, even if they are presented with the consequences.

Another characteristic of addiction is defensive behavior. A lot of individuals who have substance problems get defensive when others mention the addiction. If you speak to your loved one about his or her unhealthy habits, the person might react negatively. Your family member may feel attacked or seem angry. They may even deny that they have an issue. This is a common way in which addiction shows itself. It’s also a sure sign that your loved one needs help dealing with the substance abuse problem.

One other common attribute of drug or alcohol use is neglect or avoidance. You may have noticed that your loved one is not around your family as much anymore. Or, maybe, the individual seems emotionally or mentally withdrawn, even when physically present. Addiction can also cause people to avoid and neglect responsibilities. These could include work, school, and family obligations.

Understanding and Overcoming Addiction

Here at Mountainview Recovery, we know that each of our clients is different. We understand that substance abuse can show itself in different ways in the lives of individuals. So, we work to help treat people in the best ways with methods that best suit our clients. Through therapy and treatment, we offer our clients a chance to work through and overcome addiction in their lives. So, if you know someone who can benefit from our services, please contact us today.


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