The Effects of the Relationship Between Trauma and Addiction

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Trauma is something that can impact people for many years. Likewise, addiction can do the same. For some people, the effects of trauma and addiction are all too real. Some individuals are currently living with both issues. When a person seeks help for addiction, the underlying impact of trauma can make recovery very difficult. This is why treatment must involve help for addiction as well as any other issues, including trauma. It’s very important to find a facility that understands the impact that trauma can have on an individual. It’s also important to know more about the relationship between trauma and addiction. Having this knowledge will help people to understand how the two can affect a person’s life. And, it can help people to better understand the importance of getting the right kind of treatment.

Defining Trauma and Addiction

What exactly is addiction? How does it affect people? Addiction is a condition in which people become dependent on a substance. A person might have a casual drink or use painkillers on occasion. But, after a while, the body may get used to that substance. The person might begin to use the medication more often or in higher doses than the doctor instructed. Or, the individual might start drinking too much and too often. This could mean that the person has a physical or physiological dependence on alcohol or drugs. In other words, the body might feel strange or abnormal without the influence of the substance. Or, the person believes that he or she needs the drug in order to feel normal. This dependence could lead to an addiction problem. If this happens, the person won’t be able to simply stop drinking or using drugs. Now let’s talk a little about trauma.

In simplest terms, trauma is the body’s reaction to a traumatic experience. To be a little more specific, trauma is a physical or emotional response to a disturbing situation. People can suffer from the effects of trauma after witnessing the death of a loved one or going through abuse. When a person is dealing with trauma, he or she might experience symptoms like anxiety or depression. Other possible signs of trauma include isolation and anger. Sometimes, people who are suffering from trauma even go through moments where they relive those disturbing events. These moments are called flashbacks. Others might have trouble sleeping and resting.

How Trauma and Addiction Relate

It’s possible for a person to be living with both trauma and addiction at the same time. This might happen for several different reasons. One reason is that a person who is dealing with trauma might also begin to deal with depression. In order to escape the pain and fear that comes with trauma, a person might turn to substance use. Perhaps, the individual will drink whenever he or she feels overwhelmed. Or, the person might experiment with an addictive drug. When this happens, the person might become addicted to drugs or alcohol. In cases like this, trauma actually leads to addiction.

But, this doesn’t have to be the end of the story. There is help for those who are dealing with the effects of trauma and addiction. Here at Mountainview Recovery, we believe that you can find relief from the suffering that comes from these issues. We understand what life can be like as people struggle with addiction. So, we offer support, treatment, and therapy for the people who come to us for help. We work to end addiction for good. In doing so, we also work to end the negative effects of trauma in the lives of our clients. If you or someone you know needs help fighting substance abuse or trauma, please give us a call today.

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