A Place Where Healing Is Possible.

Recovery is Possible for Anyone.

“Hands down the best facility I’ve attended. I’ve never been anywhere where they focus on individual care as much as Mountain View has for me. They’re still in contact with me almost 5 times a week to see how I am and what I’m doing. If you want to be serious about your recovery this is the place to go! Much love” – Zachery

“My son has been in several places in the Southeast this has been the best program for him yet. The care compassion and structure they have at Mountainview is what he needed. I am forever grateful to them for what they did to help him.” – Deedie M.

“Do not have enough positive things to say about Mountainview and the unbelievable and attentive staff there. So impressed with their experience and techniques. Amazing facility and would recommend to anyone needing to take a step toward recovery!” – Richard

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt.

We believe in You.

Mountainview Recovery Center changed my life. Ive been to countless other facilities but something was missing. I felt extremely welcomed and they made sure I had everything I needed to begin my journey at Mountainview, I felt like I was home. It was relieving to feel so comfortable. The love that I was shown by the staff at this facility goes a very long way for a person like me. I love Mountainview Recovery and I would not hesitate to send a loved one struggling here. – Jimmy C.

“I would suggest this treatment center to any addict who is trying to start to build their foundation. The staff is amazing and they truly care and want to help in any way they can. The house is beautiful and there is plenty of land to roam around. I love the scenary and serenity there. I’m so grateful I had the experience I did there, they helped set me up for success.” – Jessica S.

“No Other road, No Other Way, No Day but Today.”-Jonathan Larson.

A Decision to Change.

“Together We Can”.

One Day at a Time.

“In the Media”.

Addiction NC: Mountainview Recovery