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Mountainview Recovery provides multiple levels of care to help guide you through every step of drug rehab & substance abuse treatment. Our substance abuse treatment and drug rehab center offers personalized care for our family of patients. Our unique recovery center setting allows our patients to unplug and focus on their recovery in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains!

Substance Abuse Treatment Services

For many individuals, the first step toward recovery is acknowledging their personal struggle with substance dependence. The next step is finding a substance abuse treatment program that can help restore their overall health, well-being and happiness.

There are countless treatment options a person can choose from. For example, some people with severe forms of addiction enter a detox program before transitioning into rehab. Others may choose to begin recovery at an inpatient or outpatient facility. After treatment, it is recommended to continue reinforcing the lessons learned in rehab by attending support groups and therapy sessions and receiving aftercare services.

Substance Abuse Treatment is meant to treat substance dependent people stop habitual drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. Substance Abuse Treatment can happen in an assortment of settings, take a wide range of structures, and keep going for various time spans. Since illicit drug use is regularly a constant issue described by incidental relapses, a short term, one time treatment is typically not adequate. For some, Substance Abuse Treatment is a drawn out cycle that includes various intervention and monitoring.

There are an assortment of evidence-based ways to deal with treating Substance Abuse. Substance Abuse Treatment can incorporate social treatment, (for example, psychological conduct treatment or possibility the executives), meds, or their blend. The particular sort of treatment or blend of medicines will change contingent upon the patient’s individual requirements and, frequently, on the kinds of medications they use.

Drug detoxification assists individuals with detoxing from their Drug or Alcohol effects until it is no longer active in their system . It is frequently the initial phase in treating people recuperating from moderate to serious types of dependence.

Now and again, detoxing from specific medications requires prescription helped treatment to help facilitate the seriousness of withdrawal side effects. Meds recommended during drug and alcohol detox are frequently tightened until the patient is not, at this point actually subject to addictive substances.

Alcohol Detox (or Detoxification) is characterized as the characteristic cycle that happens in the body as it works to rid the body of byproducts and “poisons” from long-term alcohol abuse. In a therapy setting, Alcohol Detox is generally joined by drug, clinical perception, and therapy.

Detoxification is a time of clinical treatment, as a rule including directing, during which an individual is assisted with beating physical and mental reliance on alcohol.

– National Institutes On Health

Individuals who have been drinking vigorously for quite a while are bound to encounter negative results during Alcohol Detox, some of which can be perilous.

Long-term alcohol abuse can prompt resistance and natural changes that make a person’s “new normal” something that is unnatural. Disturbing this equilibrium and reestablishing the patient to a healthy state and lifestyle is the focal point of Alcohol Detox.

The therapy and drug/alcohol treatment services offered by Mountainview Recovery’s Residential Treatment community require people looking for treatment to leave their homes and live in our treatment office for the term of treatment. This is set up to give protected, viable, evidence-based consideration for patients who have encountered significant negative outcomes from issues identified with substance abuse and trauma In Residential Treatment, patients have the chance to address behaviors, attitudes, and psychological well-being needs with the direction of professional mental health and therapeutic experts.

Mountainview Recovery’s Residential Treatment Programs oblige individuals and treat an assortment of concerns, including injury, substance abuse and concerns identified with character, psychological trauma, and addictive and enthusiastic practices. People who enter these treatment programs have commonly first gone through appraisals and screenings showing they may require a more significant level of care to encounter long haul accomplishment in their own recovery.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is the use of medications in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies for the treatment of substance abuse disorders. Offering this combination of medication and behavioral therapies is proven to be effective in helping some people sustain recovery.

Addressing substance abuse is critical to providing quality care in an integrated treatment setting. Many individuals who suffer from a substance use disorder also suffer from other chronic health conditions. Integrated treatment planning that includes substance use screening and treatment is key to providing better health outcomes in integrated care. Medication Assisted Treatment is the backbone of long-term, successful recovery

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Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Drug Rehab & Substance Abuse Treatment Options At Mountainview Recovery

Drug Rehab

Drug Detox Program Options

Our Drug detox program includes highly trained staff to assist you at all times. Moreover, we also provide guidance and consultation through our addiction treatment programs.

Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol Detox Program

Our Alcohol Detox program includes highly trained staff to assist you at all times. Moreover, we also provide guidance and consultation through our addiction treatment programs.

Out-Patient Treatment

Suboxone Medication Treatment

During your time with Mountainview Recovery, our medical team utilizes Suboxone and Buprenorphine for our medication assisted treatment program for drug detox and drug rehab services.

Our Treatment Center

Residential Treatment Options

Mountainview Recovery offers an optional residential treatment to incorporates the finest of therapeutic and clinical services in a relaxing setting in the Appalachian Mountains.


Intensive Outpatient Rehab Options

Substance Abuse treatment is intended to help addicted individuals stop compulsive drug seeking and use. Treatment can occur in a variety of settings, take many different forms and different durations.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication Assisted Treatment

During detox and throughout treatment, patients may be prescribed medications to help with the recovery process. These medications are used for a variety of purposes.


Makenzie St. Louis
Makenzie St. Louis
21:49 11 Jan 21
I started working here in September 2020 and have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far! We have fun in recovery and I love... working with clients to show them how incredible a sober, healthy life can be. I specialize in treating mental health and substance abuse, and utilize various techniques to ensure client’s treatment is individualized. My coworkers and I truly value each person that walks through our doors!read more
19:32 11 Jan 21
Mountainview Recovery has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Their staff is caring, professional and truly does... look out for the well-being of their patients. In my experience, I have never worked with a group of drug rehab/substance abuse professionals that are better than the ones at Mountainview Recovery. I recommend this office 10/10 to my friends, family and anyone that is looking for the best drug rehab or drug detox more
Brian Harkins
Brian Harkins
18:48 26 Nov 20
I am forever grateful to Mountainview Recovery for the following:1) saving my life2) GIVING me a beautiful life I... could never imagine in the depths of my addiction and despairThe staff at MVR understand recovery is a full-contact, lifelong process. If you’re willing to put in the work, they will not let you fail and will demonstrate incredible patience while guiding you on your path forward. Please give them a call if you or a loved one needs more
Brandy McCarter
Brandy McCarter
13:48 15 Nov 20
Such an amazing family owned facility! A staff that truly cares for the well-being of those who need help. If you or a... loved one is struggling this is the place to be. I’m so glad my loved one took a leap of faith and has forever changed him for the better. I searched for days to find the very best and here is simply that. He has always spoke very highly of how well he was treated and helped throughout the more
Freda Woody
Freda Woody
15:50 30 Oct 20
I am a new employee of Mountainview Recovery. I am amazed every day at the changes that I see in the clients during... their recovery. This is the first job that I have had in over 20 years that I do not dread coming into work! I even frequently come in early! The staff are very supportive of the clients AND each other. I think the spiritual aspect of the program is what has made a difference in the clients who have not been successful in other programs. If someone that you know is in need of turning their life around....this is THE PLACE that you want them to experience!!read more
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Mountainview Recovery is an exceptional drug rehabilitation & substance abuse treatment facility next to Asheville, NC, dedicated to the most progressive addiction treatment and substance abuse recovery methods. Mountainview Recovery offers a unique educational and therapeutic rehabilitation experience that aligns with the most highly regarded standards of drug addiction treatment. Enjoy the beautiful outdoors at Mountainview Recovery where our patients can disconnect from their triggers and find inner peace and recovery.

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