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It’s not always easy to tell if a person has an alcohol problem. This issue shows itself differently in people’s lives. Some individuals exhibit many of the common signs of alcohol misuse. Others, however, show very few of them. But, for more reasons than one, it’s helpful to know about the commonly seen symptoms and signs of this problem. Perhaps, you’re wondering if you need help for an alcohol problem. Or, maybe, you think a friend or family member might be struggling with alcohol misuse. In either case, you will need to pay close attention to whether or not the signs of this problem can be seen in your life or the life of your loved one. Let’s discuss some of those signs and symptoms.

Some Signs and Symptoms

Alcohol is a liquid that has no color and is made through the fermentation sugars. Once the sugars in particular food products go through the fermentation process, the colorless liquid can be used to make what we call alcoholic beverages. The sugars can come from grapes to make wine. Or, they can come from apples to produce cider. If the sugars in potatoes are fermented, they will produce the alcohol that is used in vodka. Alcohol is sometimes considered to be a drug because it can alter the way a person feels or thinks, just like most drugs do. Alcohol is legal but many people suffer from alcohol misuse or addiction as a result of drinking. There are some signals that may indicate that a person is abusing alcohol.

One possible sign of alcohol misuse is drinking in situations that could cause serious consequences. People who suffering from alcohol abuse may choose to drink before they drive. Or, they may drink in the mornings and before performing important responsibilities. They might even have alcohol after the doctor has told them not to drink.

Tolerance is sometimes a big tell-tale sign of alcohol misuse. Does the person seem to be able to drink a lot more than he or she used to drink? This might be a sign that the level of tolerance has increased. Tolerance doesn’t always lead to alcohol misuse or dependence. But, sometimes it does. So, it’s important to pay attention to your loved one if you notice this issue.

In many cases, people who abuse alcohol have a hard time ending their drinking. It feels as if it’s nearly impossible for them to limit how many drinks they have. Even if they know that they have too much alcohol or that they are harming their bodies, they may not be able to stop drinking so much. This is because their bodies have become dependent on the alcohol.

Sometimes, alcohol problems get in the way of a person’s social life. He or she may not spend time with friends or family members. They may fear that others will recognize that the individual drinks too often. Also, people who struggle with substance misuse may have relationship problems because of their drinking habits.

Putting a Stop to Alcohol Misuse

If you have noticed any of these signs in your life or in the life of someone you know, don’t wait. Get help today. Alcohol misuse can certainly be treated. You don’t have to fight it by yourself. We here at Mountainview Recovery would like to help you or your friend recover from substance abuse. We truly believe that there is hope for those who have struggled with this problem. Take a step in the right direction by calling us today. Let’s fight this substance problem together.


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