Recovery doesn’t end with treatment.

Sober Housing.

At Mountainview Recovery, we want each individual who comes to us for help with dependence or addiction to have the best chance of establishing lasting recovery. So, we offer some different treatments and aftercare solutions which prove to help individuals stay sober longer. Since recovery doesn’t end when treatment ends, stepping from treatment to the outside world should be done with care. And, should be done gradually. Sober living environments provide this step down from treatment and help individuals establish healthy living patterns with their newfound sobriety.

Keeping your mind busy.

Our Sober House at

Sober living is environments in which people living a lifestyle of recovery can utilize once treatment ends. Because jumping back into a past setting which drug or alcohol use was evident can be dangerous to the success of recovery, it’s not often the best idea to go right back to where you were before deciding to get treatment. And, while you may have to return home eventually, you don’t have to put yourself in the direct path of these familiar relapse triggers so soon. Instead, sober living provides a safe and inviting environment for those wanting to remain serious about steering clear of relapse.

In a sober living environment, there are house rules. These rules allow for the structured environment which works so well to encourage individuals to remain vigilant with their sobriety efforts. They may include washing dishes, vacuuming, dusting, and any other necessary home upkeep routine work. Additionally, there is a curfew to ensure that residents are keeping up with healthy sleep patterns and are not placing themselves in situations which may provoke a relapse. Overall, house rules are put in place to ensure the safety of all residents during their time spent in the home. And, to promote healthy and successful lifestyles in recovery.

We have plenty of space.

Sober Living in
Asheville, North

At our sober living facility, we can house up to 35 guests at one time. Our spacious accommodations are comfortable and inviting, providing the perfect space for individuals to begin their recovery journey. Sitting on a massive 56-acre property, our sober housing manor is surrounded by nature. This allows for some outdoor and group-focused activities. And, the quiet and peaceful feelings nature can inspire.

Being 15 minutes from downtown Asheville, the sober living home of Mountainview Recovery is a great place for individuals looking to continue with work, school, or social responsibilities within the city once treatment concludes. Plus, transportation into the city for 12-step meetings and other communal activities is easily accessible.

12-Step Facilitation.

When one thinks of addiction treatment, they most likely imagine the 12-step meeting. Basically, 12-step programs are group sessions where people in treatment can come together to share addiction experiences. It’s an opportunity to celebrate achievements and build an important network of sober support.