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Now that it’s a new year, you are probably wondering about how you can make the next 12 months better than the previous ones. Lots of people make New Year’s resolutions every year, vowing to make better choices in their lives. Perhaps you’re working on ways to remain successful in your battle against substance abuse and dependence. If so, it’s important to do what’s necessary in order to remain free from drug and alcohol use. Sadly, addiction relapse has become a reality in many people’s lives. Even after going through treatment, a lot of individuals have found themselves emotionally, mentally, and physically relapsing. But, this does not have to be your story. You don’t have to experience addiction relapse. And, this year, you can use the relapse prevention skills you’ve learned in order to continue on your journey to recovery. You can make this year one of freedom from addiction!

Some Information About Addiction Relapse

You’ve probably heard a lot about addiction relapse. Perhaps you learned about it while you were in treatment. Maybe you know someone who has relapsed. And now you’re left wondering if you, too, will eventually return to substance abuse. You made it through the holiday season, alcohol-free. You haven’t used drugs since you finished treatment. But, you’re still a little worried about the possibility of relapse in your life. No doubt, you don’t want to go back the lifestyle you worked so hard to overcome. So, avoiding addiction relapse is one of the most important things to you right now. If this is your mindset, you’re already on the right track! As you become more and more motivated to stay on the road to recovery, you’ll be more likely to stay on track. But, as you work to prevent it from happening, it’s important to understand relapse a little better.

So, what exactly is substance abuse relapse? Well, to relapse is basically to go backward. It’s regression instead of progression. Unlike many people think, addiction relapse actually happens in stages. It’s not always the physical use of drugs or alcohol, although physical relapse is one of the stages. Some people experience an emotional relapse, which involves negative and harmful emotions that usually lead to substance use. This could include depression, anxiety, guilt, shame, loneliness, and much more. Then, there’s a mental relapse, in which a person will think about using or drinking again. Finally, there is a physical relapse, which, again, is the actual use of drugs or alcohol. If you want to avoid returning to the harmful patterns of substance use you’ve overcome, it’s best to work on avoiding all of the stages of addiction relapse.

How To Stay Free From Bondage

Here are a few of the things you can do in order to remain free from substance abuse:

  • Spend time with a support group. Be sure to surround yourself with people who will keep you accountable and show you their constant support.
  • Separate yourself from people who are addicted. Stay away from places where people are drinking or using drugs.
  • Remain positive! Having a healthy and positive outlook on life will help you to avoid relapse triggers like depression and anxiety.
  • Attend therapy to talk about any struggles or uncertainties you may face. You can also speak with a therapist about your victories!
  • Remember, you’re worth it! It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the challenges of your new life. But your new life is worth the hard work. And you are worth the effort it takes to stay free from the bondage of addiction!

If you or someone you know needs help becoming and staying free from substance misuse, just give us a call here at Mountainview Recovery to learn how we can help.