Misuse and Abuse

Prescription Opioids: A Gateway to Addiction.

Prescription opioids like Oxycontin and others are some of the most dangerous drugs a person can consume.

While prescription opioids are often prescribed by doctors, that does not mean they are safe to take without careful monitoring. Over 200,000 people have died from prescription opioid addictions and misuse since 1999

Easing the pain.

When Short-Term Use Has Long-Term Consequences.

Prescription drugs are typically given to patients to treat symptoms of pain, though sometimes these prescriptions can lead to a wide range of addictions. Opioids are a short-term solution for severe medical conditions, but some people – and even their doctors – treat them as if they are the only way a person can feel well. Many individuals regularly taking prescription opioids do not even acknowledge that they have an addiction because their drugs are prescribed by medical professionals.

Mountainview Recovery is here to remind you that, regardless of your condition, there are better and more effective options out there than opioid treatments. We can help you get past your addiction to start living a life free of pain medications.

There are many different prescription opioids people should be aware of. Some of the most commonly prescribed and overused are:


  • Oxycontin
  • Oxycodone
  • Percocet
  • Morphine

When the medicine runs out

Prescription Opioids As A Gateway Drug.

While some opioids, such as Oxycontin and Oxycodone, now come in gel forms so they cannot be injected, they still pose a serious threat to all users – especially when a prescription runs out.

Why? When a person becomes dependent on a drug such as Oxycontin and their doctor will no longer prescribe them medication, they often resort to drugs on the street: harsher, cheaper opioids to satisfy their craving. These opioids can include heroin and fentanyl, and they sometimes result in life-threatening overdoses after just one use.


The Comfort is healing.

Mountainview Recovery: Here With You, For You.

Whether it is Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Percocet, or Morphine, recovering from an addiction of any kind is difficult. Our team of experts at Mountainview Recovery specialize in helping our patients feel safe and comfortable during some of the most challenging moments of their lives. The timeline for detox can vary depending on the levels of prescription opioids in the patient’s system, so we use a controlled substance called suboxone to help the patient through the process.

Suboxone is a prescription medication that can help those with opioid addictions become more comfortable in the detox phase of treatment. This “maintenance drug” is used to reduce and ease the addict’s frequency of symptoms throughout the recovery process while maintaining a very short-term dependence on opioids, reducing the user’s long-term chance of a relapse.

Suboxone can be very addictive if not administered by a licensed doctor, which is why our Mountainview Recovery team always has a professional on-staff, 24/7.

It doesn’t stop here.

Keeping The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Shining Brighter Than Ever Before.

Once a patient has gone through our program and finds themselves clean and sober, it is vital for them to continue taking the proper steps in the right direction. To help ensure their continued sobriety, our team administers a monthly shot of Vivitrol to appropriate candidates after a thorough screening.

Vivitrol, otherwise known as naltrexone, is a non-addictive treatment for opioid and alcohol dependence that blocks opioid molecules from attaching to opioid receptors in the event of a relapse. In short, Vivitrol blocks the effects of opioids, rendering them useless (from a euphoric perspective) to addicts. Vivitrol is only administered by Mountainview Recovery when patients are in our care; however, we do refer them to outside providers after they have been discharged.

It doesn’t stop here.

Prescription Opioids Addiction Treatments.


Medical Detox

The first stage of detox is one of the most important. Before a person can focus on gaining the knowledge and skills needed to live a life of recovery, addictive substances must be removed from the body



Sober Housing

At Mountainview Recovery, we want each individual who comes to us for help with dependence or addiction to have the best chance of establishing lasting recovery.



Intensive Outpatient

Once detox and treatment are over, your recovery isn’t over. In fact, it’s just beginning! And, these first days of recovery, once treatment concludes, are the riskiest.


Request for information.

Learn About the Help We Can Offer.

There is hope for those who feel they have none. If you believe that you or a loved one has been subject to prescription opioid overuse, know that your life can change with one call. Our Mountainview Recovery team is ready to help get you back to living the life you were born to experience.