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Drug Addiction & It’s Total Collateral Damage

Children With Substance Abuse Battling Parents

Mountainview Recovery Center NC

Growing up in a home where one or both parents suffer from substance abuse, suffer from drug addiction, suffer from alcoholism or any serious mental health disorders, comes with consequences. Unfortunately, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, also known as “NIDA” for short, estimates that in the U.S., this is the case for 25 percent of children and teenagers under the age of 18. That right there is a startling fact if we’ve ever heard one before! Wow…

Kids living in these kinds of conditions are not only twice as likely to develop a substance use disorder (drug and/or alcohol addiction) themselves, they struggle academically and socially, are at a greater risk of intersecting with the criminal justice system, deal with more mental health issues and often face verbal, physical and sexual abuse at home.

Growing up with a parent addicted to drugs and/or alcohol is a recipe for complex trauma that can last a lifetime. Immediate, serious attention should be put towards finding a solution to the dilemma at hand. Letting others you’re close with know about your suspicions in a professional and ethical manner may not be a bad idea either.

Recently, a young girl came forward in the national press/news to explain that she’s living in foster care due to her mother’s addiction to drugs.

“Addiction is often seen as a ‘grown-up’ issue, but it impacts children in ways that aren’t always visible,” claims Eric Meehan, Director of Admissions here at Mountainview Recovery.

“Having a parent battling addiction can be one of the most isolating and stressful situations young children and their families face,” says Mr. Meehan, upper staff member at Mountainview.


Addict On Telephone

Addiction Is A Mental Health Illness & Nobody’s Fault

Children Need To Know This At The Very Core Of Their Being

Younger viewers need to be made aware that people suffering from any addiction have an illness that they need help with and that the illness is not the child’s fault, nor the addict/alcoholic.

A similar type of lesson is being taught to kids around the nation from various non-profit establishments, the goal being, to break the cycle of addiction and hopefully end any & all generational curses substance abuse related. That right there is a worthy fight both worth fighting & celebrating for once won.

Centered around educational and social activities promoting the dangers around substance abuse games of any kind, kids at certain establishments are beginning to learn that addiction is a disease, that there are others their age dealing with the same difficult problems, how to have more confidence and how to make healthy lifestyle choices on their own. Sounds like a lot of progress in the right directionMountainview Recovery Struggling Addict Mother to us here at Mountainview Recovery in Weaverville, North Carolina.

As time progresses in our “fight to educate & empower the youth prone to this stigma,” more young children & adolescents admit that they never have used drugs or alcohol (substances that alter the mood/mind) and that almost the majority has avoided run-ins with the juvenile justice system. Praise God. We are moving in the right direction with our youth. Thank you!

“What’s most special… if you ask me,” says a volunteer parent donating their precious & very valuable time, close to the youth agenda/mission, “I really, really find a lot of joy in watching the children and young adolescents have the opportunity to just be themselves. In other words, let kids be kids!

“I think that education and continuing education thereafter serves its purpose and is really great for spreading knowledge about this stigma called substance abuse. It really doesn’t matter if they struggle with drug addiction or alcoholism… substance abuse of mind & mood altering substances, to us, is considered addiction, period… I think the connections that these adolescents are making while learning about adult addiction and alcoholism are awesome in nature, but to let kids just be kids? That’s it for me… For my two beautiful kids, both a boy and have been blessed rather recently actually with a beautiful baby girl, the opioid epidemic affecting drug addiction and the drug treatment industry overall isn’t going to steal their childhood away, period.”

Mountainview Stigma of Addiction & AlcoholismDespite the progress that programs & classes across the nation are making educating & empowering disadvantaged children & youth who come from families where substance abuse & drug seeking addictive behavior run freely & daily or the tremendous amount of attention to all the collateral damage of up-close-and-personal “addiction gone wild,” in the American Family, the national foster care caseload has still recently seen a 10 percent increase in the number of children entering the system in just a four year span. Truly heartbreaking… Truly devestating addictive destruction

Many of these increasing, unfortunate foster cases, reports the Department of Health and Human Services, are the directly related result of parental substance abuse issues & addiction running wild without that same nasty addiction mental disorder, substance abuse related & possibly caused mental illness, being treated medically & clinically by drug treatment centers such as Mountainview Recovery Center here in Weaverville, Charlotte, Asheville area!



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