Everyone deserves the opportunity to grow and become stronger, better versions of themselves. Sometimes, we just need a little bit of help. Our compassionate & professionally-trained team here at Mountainview Recovery, in the great state of North Carolina, works with individuals seeking real change in their lives as if they were family.

It’s very difficult to overcome addiction. For some people, it may even seem impossible. But, the truth is, with dedication and persistence, freedom is available for everyone. The problem is that some individuals aren’t sure about the right way to treat their addictions. This can often cause people to become frustrated. They may decide not to get any help for their struggle, But, this doesn’t have to be the case. There are several methods of care that can help people get past addiction. One way people can overcome and gain needed support is through outpatient treatment programs. And, when a program like this is paired with staying in a sober living home, there are many advantages.

What is a Sober Living Home?

A sober living house is a place where people can live after or during addiction treatment. Some people may live in a facility like this after they’ve completed substance detox or treatment. Facilities like this are very helpful because they provide people with a drug-free environment during the beginning stages of sobriety. Of course, it’s important to have a place like this, especially in the earliest days of recovery because this is when relapse is most dangerous and common. Plus, it’s very hard to move forward in the recovery process when you’re surrounded by an environment not supportive to sobriety efforts. So, a great thing to do is get involved in a sober living home. This kind of atmosphere offers people a place to prepare for and transition into the “real world” after treatment is over. Or, like here at Mountainside Solutions, utilized simultaneously with outpatient treatment programs.

About Outpatient Treatment Programs

When people are involved in outpatient treatment programs, they are encouraged to get back into the world after their initial addiction treatment or detox period ends. Basically, people in outpatient treatment programs are in that in-between stage. They’re not in an inpatient facility or still going through detox. But, they’re also not completely done with treatment. Outpatient treatment programs are something like a transition stage. Instead of spending every hour of the day in treatment, outpatient programs may offer a less-intensive schedule. And, individuals in these programs may return back to work, attend school, and so forth. But, again, still maintain weekly therapy hours and other treatment requirements.

The Advantages of Joining Forces

sober living facility offers a great step between the two while stepping down into a less intensive outpatient program. Since both outpatient and sober living programs can help people make that shift into a life of sobriety, it’s a good idea to live at a sober house while going through outpatient treatment. There are several benefits to doing this:

  • Structure – Often, sober living houses have rules. They may assign chores or tasks to the resident living in them. There is also a curfew for the people in living in the facility. This kind of structure may be exactly what people need as they work their way back into life in recovery.
  • Support – There’s nothing quite as comforting as being around people who understand and relate to you. People living in sober living homes while going through outpatient treatment programs can identify with the people around them. They don’t have to feel alone as they go through this sometimes scary part of recovery. They also have 24-hour assistance from professionals.
  • Relapse Avoidance – As people go through their outpatient treatment, they may come up against many different challenges. Sometimes, these struggles cause people to relapse. But, living at a sober living house and receiving treatment can help people to avoid falling into relapse.

Getting Help from Mountainview

Here at Mountainview Recovery, we offer both outpatient treatment and sober housing. If you think you or someone you know could use some help recovering from an addiction, please don’t wait any longer. Contact us and get the help you need. You can call us today any time, any day at 833-489-4460.