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It’s not easy to live with a substance dependence problem. When an individual grows dependent on alcohol or a drug, life can become very difficult for that person. Substance dependence often leads to substance abuse. And, if this happens, it can be hard to end unhealthy drug and alcohol use. If you’ve found yourself in a position of dependence, you don’t have to live this way any longer. There is hope for you! And it comes in the form of outpatient substance abuse treatment! Not sure what that is? Or, are you wondering if it can actually help you overcome drug or alcohol abuse? If so, we might be able to help answer your concerns. Let’s talk a little bit about this kind of treatment and the benefits it offers.

What Are Substance Dependence and Abuse?

To be dependent on something means to rely heavily on it. People who are dependent on alcohol or drugs often find it hard to function and operate without using the substance on which they’ve grown to rely. In simpler terms, people feel “abnormal” or “out of it” when they haven’t had a drink or used a specific drug. This is because their bodies have become used to that substance. It’s become so accustomed to using the drug or alcohol that it feels unable to work correctly without having the substance in its system. In many cases, the person who is dependent on alcohol or drugs might feel the need to use the substance more than he or she should.

It’s important to stop here and mention that drug dependence and misuse don’t involve only illicit drug use. Many people think of illegal substances when they hear about “substance abuse”. But people can become dependent on their pain medication or on alcohol. Both of these kinds of substances are legal. But, using them excessively can be very dangerous and lead to substance abuse. A person who abuses drugs or alcohol uses the substance in ways that aren’t recommended. In other words, they may drink when it is not safe, such as when they’ve already had too much. Or, they may take more medication than the doctor has directed. When a person is dealing with substance abuse, it’s important that he or she gets professional help in treating this issue. Outpatient substance abuse treatment is one of the treatment tracks that can help those who are struggling with this issue.

About Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

So, what exactly is outpatient substance abuse treatment? Well, many people tend to think about substance use treatment as something people get while they live at their rehabilitation facility. This kind of treatment is called residential or inpatient. But outpatient substance abuse treatment is different. First of all, it doesn’t involve living at one’s addiction rehab center. It’s an outpatient treatment, which means that people can live at home while still getting the help they need. Many people refrain from getting treatment for fear that they’ll have to be uprooted from their families, homes, and jobs in order to get help. But outpatient substance abuse treatment does not require this. Instead, this approach is focused on making sure that those in treatment are able to maintain their lives while becoming free from the struggle of drug and alcohol abuse.

If you’ve been waiting to get help for a substance use problem, now is the time to take a step towards recovery. Here at Mountainview Recovery, we understand that you may need to maintain certain responsibilities while you get treatment. So we offer an outpatient substance abuse treatment to our clients. Our programs are designed to meet your specific needs as you work to recover from drug or alcohol misuse. Let us help you find freedom; contact us today!


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