It only takes one dose

Opioid Addictions.

2.1 million people are currently dealing with opioid use disorder, which results in over 40,000 deaths each year. The opioid epidemic has never been more dangerous, and we’re here to help.


Since 2009, heroin has been responsible for over 3,000 fatal overdoses each year. Those numbers have only continued to rise, especially among those who regularly use, making heroin one of the most dangerous opioids for addicts to use.



As a synthetic drug that is 50 times more potent than heroin, fentanyl is an inexpensive alternative to natural opioids that can have devastating consequences when consumed.


Prescription Opioids.

There is a reason why doctors limit the number of doses in an opioid prescription. While prescription opioids can help those suffering from severe bouts of acute or chronic pain, they almost always lead to a host of other mental and physical issues when one becomes dependent on their effects.