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Alcohol is one of the most dangerous addictive substances to detox from when a person is struggling with addiction. Once the body develops a dependence to alcohol, it recognizes the substances as a needed component. So, when the body addicted to alcohol doesn’t isn’t given alcohol to function, it reacts adversely. This is known as withdrawal. And, while other addictive substances may offer their own set of withdrawal symptoms too, the withdrawal of alcohol is known to be specifically dangerous. So, typically, it’s suggested that individuals attempting to detox do so in the comfort and care of a medical facility. Here at Mountainview Recovery, we offer medical detox programs for those needing to detox from alcohol safely and effectively on an outpatient basis.

Considering Detox for Alcohol

As mentioned, because detoxing from alcohol can be risky, it’s important that individuals seek medical help with the detox process. Of course, it’s possible to stop drinking and detox from home. But, this is rarely successful. Detoxing from home provides no access to helpful prescriptions that can reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms and also reduce cravings during this challenging time. Additionally, without these prescriptions, individuals may be putting their own lives at risk by detoxing from home. That’s because seizures and convulsions are often a withdrawal symptom of alcoholism. And these symptoms can leave a person unconscious and even kill them.

When considering detox for alcohol, it’s important to know what you’re up against. And, what to expect from the detox program. Another option for detoxing from alcohol is a residential facility which offers a detox program. During this type of detox, patients are monitored around the clock by addiction specialists. And, patients are given the medical necessities they need for comfort and effective detox. But, for many, this detoxing at a residential treatment may not be suitable due to work and school obligations.

So, the last option for detoxing from alcohol is an outpatient detox program. Much like a residential detox, patients who choose this option have the opportunity to take advantage of medical care. And, prescriptions needed to reduce cravings and increase the chance for detox success. But, people enrolled in this type of detox are not required to live at the facility. Instead, they are scheduled to receive medications, consult with medical professionals, and address any issues on a daily or weekly basis.

Outpatient Medical Alcohol Detox at Mountainside Solutions

Here at Mountainview Recovery, we offer a medically supported, outpatient detox program for those struggling with dependence or addiction to alcohol. Additionally, we offer supportive housing for individuals needing a supportive environment to live in while going through deto12x. Plus, those enrolled into detox have the opportunity to also take advantage of our concurrent treatment programs. These treatment opportunities are also on an outpatient basis. So, you can learn to live a life free from addiction gradually once you’ve completed detox. And, obtain the needed skills to live a life in sobriety.

To learn more about our medical alcohol detox program, contact us today to speak confidentially with an experienced addiction specialist.


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