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With proven, evidence-based techniques that give our patients ample opportunities to succeed, Mountainview inspires confidence and hope in those who wish to make real change. Our passionate staff is proud to treat struggling addicts in North Carolina while they work towards a successful life of sobriety.

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If you or someone you know is experiencing difficulty in overcoming an addiction, perhaps it is time to consider a rehabilitation center. Taking control of one’s life means taking responsibility. Drug and alcohol addiction affects billions of people all over the world. Therefore, a person who falls victim to it should not feel ashamed to ask for help. The Mountainview Recovery Drug Rehab Raleigh, NC exist to lift the spirits of such individuals and guide them back into living productive and meaningful lives. If you are facing addiction problems, do not let shame stop you from picking up the phone. Call Mountainview Recovery Drug Rehab Raleigh, NC Drug Treatment Centers today at (833) 489-4460 to get help.


Understanding the Origin of Addiction

Counselors at the Mountainview Recovery Drug Rehab Raleigh, NC, understand the origin of addiction, and they seek to transfer this knowledge to the clients. Dual diagnosis specialists are there to help those who suffer from mental illnesses as well as drug and alcohol addiction. Such problems are closely related because of the variance of chemicals in an abnormal brain. Individuals with mental illnesses often need extra help and encouragement, as they are more vulnerable to developing the disease. Drug addiction may also be prevalent in a person who has had a history of abuse or neglect. The person may look to drugs and alcohol to fill a void that becomes empty from mistreatment. The duty of a counselor at the drug treatment center is to unlock the mystery of the addiction and then teach the patient to avoid falling into the trap or relapse. Success comes from the hard work and dedication of the counselors at Mountainview Recovery Drug Rehab Raleigh.

The Positive Effects of Meaningful Relationships

Mountainview Recovery Drug Rehab Raleigh, Alcohol Detox Centers has a place with friendly faces and helping hands. The meaningful relationships that one gains within the facility will help to shape that person into a more refined member of society. A client at the residential facility has access to a group of potential friends through group counseling. Group counseling meetings are sessions between clients with similar problems and a counselor who leads and monitors the group. Addicted parties can learn coping strategies and other tips from the members in the group. Additionally, they can develop new friendships that will extend beyond the stay at the drug rehab treatment center. Staff members will also add a warm element to the facility. Every person who works at the Raleigh rehab center has taken a personal oath to inspire the lives of other people. These caring staff members will always attempt to lift the spirits through laughter, communication and motivation. Addiction Rehab Facilities Raleigh is a place that clients can call an institution of hope. Every person who enters Raleigh Drug Treatment Centers will have a good chance of leaving the program with an improved attitude and outlook. Dial Mountainview Recovery Drug Rehab Raleigh at (833) 489-4460 and begin the recovery process.


Mountainview Recovery Raleigh, NC (833) 489-4460 Raleigh Drug Treatment Centers North Carolina


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Raleigh is located in Wake County, North Carolina, and it is the second largest city in the state. Some people refer to Raleigh as the city of oaks, as it is home to an abundance of oak trees. Raleigh is also the home of many educational facilities including Shaw University and North Carolina State University. Other important sites include the North Carolina Museum of Art, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion. Raleigh is also an area that provides a wealth of services for drug and alcohol addiction.


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