Everyone deserves the opportunity to grow and become stronger, better versions of themselves. Sometimes, we just need a little bit of help. Our compassionate & professionally-trained team here at Mountainview Recovery, in the great state of North Carolina, works with individuals seeking real change in their lives as if they were family.

Treating addiction is a very delicate task. Since everyone has their own personal struggles and needs, treatment has to be individualized. The approach to treatment has to be unique to the person who is in treatment. This is probably why there are so many types of treatment programs and therapies available. One of the kinds of therapy that can help people in treatment is group therapy. It may seem a little strange to some people though. How can therapy in a group setting still cater to the needs of each individual? After all, the therapist can’t focus on one person at a time, right? These are definitely viable questions. So, we’d like to answer them for you and let you know a little bit about the benefits of group therapy!

What is Group Therapy?

This kind of therapy is pretty much what it sounds like. Group therapy is counseling that’s done in a group setting. The amount of participants depends on the treatment facility. But, there is usually a small group of people lead by one or two therapists. The purpose of the meetings may differ based on the needs of the people who are involved. In some cases, group therapy sessions might focus more on helping individuals to interact and share information with others. This kind of therapy is meant to help people feel more comfortable with speaking about their struggles. It also helps to prevent the recovery process from being a lonely one.

Other group sessions may emphasize goal setting and achievement celebration. Like we said a little earlier, the needs of each individual who is in recovery will differ. But, one of the main benefits of group therapy is that it allows people to help bring healing to each other in the best way possible. There’s nothing like spending time with people who understand what you’re going through! Now, let’s take a look at some more of the benefits of group therapy for addiction.

Other Benefits of Group Therapy

Therapy sessions that are done in groups can be very helpful. Many individuals in recovery find that they thrive when they’re a part of a group. There are plenty of benefits and advantages as far as group therapy for treatment of alcohol or drug abuse is concerned. Here are just a few of them:

  • Eliminates isolation or loneliness – Often, people who have suffered from addiction feel alone. They don’t feel like anyone will understand or want to listen to their fears and struggles. But, when you’re surrounded by others who know what addiction feels like, you don’t have to feel isolated any longer.
  • Builds interpersonal skills – While in group therapy meetings, people can learn more about how to successfully interact with others. This kind of setting allows people to build healthy and helpful communication skills.
  • Creates a support group – Those who are getting treatment and therapy together can support one another. The process of recovery from addiction can be very challenging. But having care and support from those around you can help make the journey much more comfortable.

Treatment and Therapy at Mountainview

Here at Mountainview Recovery, we work to help our clients overcome addiction for good. Each person who comes to us for help needs support and genuine care. We understand that. So, we offer a safe environment and helpful programs. With these provisions, our clients can walk more confidently down the road to total freedom from substance abuse. If you or someone you know needs help overcoming an alcohol or drug addiction, you don’t need to wait any longer. You can find the peace and healing that comes through addiction treatment. Just contact us today to learn more.