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Those who are dealing with a substance use problem certainly experience a lot of changes in life. Alcohol addiction is a major problem and can cause a lot of issues for the people who are dealing with it. However, those who are suffering from alcoholism are not the only ones who feel the impact of this substance use problem. The families of alcoholics also feel the effects of alcohol abuse. Although the family may deal with different effects than the individual who has an addiction, the truth is that substance abuse impacts everyone who is exposed to it. People who have a loved one who is suffering from addiction may experience emotional, mental, or even physical struggles. Thankfully, professionals can help people to overcome alcohol abuse for good. So, treatment doesn’t just help individuals to overcome substance abuse. It can also help the families of alcoholics to find peace.

What Exactly is Alcoholism?

So, what does it really mean to have a problem with alcoholism? Is alcoholism the same as alcohol dependence or addiction? Is it the same as binge drinking? Well, alcoholism is defined as an addiction to consuming alcohol. So, when a person has a problem with an alcoholism problem, it means that he or she has more than the occasional urge to drink more than they should. Binge drinking is a phrase people use to describe a period of constant drinking. People who go through these periods do not necessarily have an addiction to alcohol or dependence on this substance. Of course, binge drinking is definitely a major problem that should be treated. However, it’s not the same as an alcoholism problem. When a person is addicted to alcohol, he or she is unable to simply stop drinking. The individual likely has trouble focusing or functioning without drinking alcohol.

An addiction problem often leads to a lot of other issues. When a person is physically and emotionally dependent on alcohol, it’s hard to think about anything besides that substance. Often, alcohol addiction causes people to focus more on the next opportunity to drink than on anything else. The body is mainly concerned about how to feed that craving. Not only is this constant urge to drink dangerous and unhealthy, but it can also cause people to lose sight of the people and things that are important. Many individuals have lost their jobs and homes because of their problem with alcohol. And some, unfortunately, have lost their families and their friends as a result of substance abuse. People who are directly connected to those who are struggling with substance dependence often feel neglected, upset, and confused. This is why the families of alcoholics find themselves feeling afraid and alone.

About the Families of Alcoholics

Since addiction prevents people from being able to truly connect with those around them, it often creates distance between people and their loved ones. So, the families of alcoholics have to deal with the pain that addiction causes. Many individuals have witnessed major changes in their addicted loved ones’ lives before their eyes. They’ve seen their family members grow to depend on alcohol and use the substance much more than they should. It’s hard to experience these changes and know that the person you love is suffering. And, one of the hardest things about it not knowing what to do to help. Many of the families of alcoholics aren’t sure how to help their addicted loved ones find freedom from addiction. This leaves them feeling completely helpless.

Thankfully, families do not have to feel alone. If you and your loved ones want to help an addicted family member, there’s no time like the present. Just contact us here at Mountainview Recovery to learn about our treatment programs and how we can help you and your family overcome addiction together.