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Addiction occurs in the life of unsuspecting people far too often. People sometimes develop addictions to illicit drugs, prescription medication, or alcohol. But substance abuse often comes along with other issues. Some people deal with other conditions while also battling addiction. For example, a person may become addicted to medication that he or she is using for a mental disorder. Not only is the individual in a struggle with the disorder, but addiction has also set in. Some individuals deal with stress and addiction. Unfortunately, this kind of situation happens in many people’s’ lives. For some people, the stress may be caused by the addiction problem. For others, the opposite is true. It can be difficult to know exactly how to treat both issues. This is why it’s important to seek professional help in order to work through both stress and addiction together.

Stress as a Cause For Addiction

One of the commonly identified culprits in the development of an addiction problem is stress. People sometimes handle stress in a negative way. More specifically speaking, some individuals turn to alcohol or drug use in order to cope with stressful situations. There are many different causes of stress. Often, it affects people who are dealing with circumstances that may feel overwhelming. It sometimes comes as a result of grief or loss. Stress can cause one to feel several negative effects.

At times, stress can cause people to have headaches or other bodily pains. It can also cause nausea and stomach issues. Stress can also make people more susceptible to catching common colds. People who have recurring stress, or chronic stress, may also have trouble sleeping and deal with insomnia or oversleeping. Other possible results of chronic stress include things like: depression, anxiety, worry, mood swings, and irritability. The symptoms won’t be the same for everyone. But, this kind of stress can certainly cause some negative emotional and physical effects.

People deal with stress in different ways. One of those ways, sadly, is substance use. It is likely that a person who turns to alcohol or prescription drugs in stressful times may ultimately develop an addiction to that substance. Thus, stress and addiction both become recurring problems for the individual. Addiction, of course, is an issue that must be treated. But, if an individual has both stress and addiction problems, he or she will need treatment for both. In other words, the person may become free from addiction. But, if the stress still has the same effects on him or her, the person may relapse or develop some other harmful habit. So, it’s important to receive help for both the stress and the addiction.

Dealing With Stress and Addiction

If an individual is living with a type of stress disorder, one of the most important things to do is learn healthy coping skills. Life is full of situations that often cause people to get “stressed out”. People who have chronic stress may deal with the effects of the disorder more often than most other people. But, when individuals are able to deal with things in a more healthy way, the risk of relapse can tremendously decrease. Addiction can cause the stress to worsen because of the emotional and physical changes substances bring about. But, with the help of treatment and therapy, people can overcome both stress and addiction.

If you or someone you know is trying to deal with these issues, there is hope. No one has to fight or struggle alone. At Mountainview Recovery, we work to help people who are suffering from addiction. We know that each individual who comes to us has specific needs. So we work to make treatment available and beneficial for each of our clients. Contact Mountainview Recovery today to begin your journey to a life that is free of stress and addiction.