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When it comes to treatment for addiction, there are many different types of therapy that can help. There are various approaches to treatment out there. All of these approaches carry with them different advantages and benefits. One common type of therapy is cognitive behavioral therapy, also known as CBT. Despite the many benefits of this kind of therapy, some people have concerns about CBT for addiction treatment. It’s not always easy to determine the best way to treat each case of substance abuse. Everyone has personal and individual needs in regards to drug or alcohol use treatment. So, it’s important to talk about the concerns people have when it comes to certain types of therapy. With this being said, let’s begin to discuss the reasons people may be a little unsure about CBT for addiction treatment.

What is CBT for Addiction?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a type of therapy that addresses a person’s behavior and thought processes. CBT for addiction seeks to find the connections between the cognitive and behavioral activities of the individual in treatment. The purpose of this practice is to help people pinpoint specific thought patterns that influence their behaviors. In simpler terms, CBT for addiction works to help people find out how their thoughts impact the things they do. When a person deals with addiction, there are underlying causes. Often, negative thought patterns can lead to other problems in our lives. In cases of addiction, a person might deal with negative thoughts about themselves. Perhaps, a person struggles with self-image. Another individual might deal with the pain of trauma or physiological dependence on painkillers. All of these issues and more could lead to the development of drug or alcohol addiction. But, cognitive behavioral therapy can help people to find out about the negative cognitive patterns that lead to harmful behaviors.

Concerns About Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Substance abuse is something that should be handled with care. It’s important to realize that the approach to treatment has to consider the individual needs of the person who is getting help. Since treating addiction requires a lot of thought, it’s easy to understand why a person may have concerns about therapy methods. Here are a few things people might be concerned about in regards to CBT for addiction treatment:

  • Some people feel that CBT for addiction doesn’t deal with behaviors as much as it deals with cognitive patterns. This isn’t true. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps to connect thoughts and behaviors in order to create positive changes.
  • Many individuals believe that CBT is more concerned with thoughts rather than with emotions. But, therapy seeks to develop positive and healthy patterns in people’s lives. So, it certainly deals with emotions as well as behaviors and cognitions.
  • Despite its purpose and approach, some might think that CBT for addiction focuses more on the present than on the past. But, on the contrary, this kind of therapy helps people to learn from their pasts and use those past experiences in order to develop a healthier present and future.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at Mountainview

Do you think that CBT is right for you? If you’re dealing with a drug or alcohol problem, just know that you’re not alone. There are many people currently fighting against addiction. But, you don’t have to continue living in this condition. You can get the help you need today. Here at Mountainview Recovery, we work to help our clients overcome addiction problems. Our mission is to encourage them through the recovery process. It’s our goal to make sure each one gets the best kind of help for his or her life. If you want to become free from substance use problems, just contact us today.