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Director of Admissions.

Eric Meehan.

Eric Meehan was born and raised in Staten Island, New York. He completed school with honors and studied at Johnson and Wales for Culinary Arts.

While in college, Eric began to experiment with drugs and alcohol. He became addicted to pain medications – an addiction that soon led him to using heroin. In light of his new addiction, Eric began doing things he never thought he would do, and he consequently became very disappointed in the person he was becoming. He knew deep down inside that this life wasn’t “right” for him; he couldn’t continue seeing the constant looks of disappointment in his family members’ eyes.

By going through treatment and being honest with his family, Eric found recovery, and he has been clean and sober since January 2010. He started working in the treatment field to both share his message and give hope to individuals who do not believe recovery is possible for them. He truly loves helping people, working with families, and offering individuals the belief that hope is possible.