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Director of Operations.

Ashley Meehan, CSAC, ICADC.

Ashley Meehan

Ashley Meehan, a Pennsylvania native, is Mountainview Recovery’s director of operations. She began working in the treatment industry as a behavioral health technician and learned very quickly that she loved spending time listening and connecting with individuals struggling with addiction and alcoholism.

Ashley decided to go back to school and obtain her certification so that she could both speak to these individuals from an experiential standpoint and help them clinically. She quickly progressed in her career and moved into an admissions role, where she was able to continue connecting with individuals in need of serious help. In her admissions role, Ashley was able to better understand the function as well as the process and procedures behind the scenes for getting these people into treatment.

After several years of working in an admissions role and becoming the director, Ashley went back to school again to further her education and learn about billing, coding, and the relationships between the provider/facilities and the insurance companies. As she continued to progress in her career, she was given the opportunity to cross-train and learn about all the different roles within the organization. Ashley was even given the opportunity to fly out to different states and help with the function of their sister facilities.

With a dream to manage a facility of her own, Ashley has finally found a safe place where people can grow and recover. In her heart, she truly believes that Mountainview Recovery is a place where individuals feel welcomed and loved regardless of their background and what they have been through. In short, her role as the director of operations at Mountainview Recovery is everything she ever wanted for her career and more.