Alcohol Detox.

Alcohol is a legal substance. However, it is capable of causing people to become dependent on it. Many people even consider it to be a drug because of its addictive properties. It is a flammable liquid that has no color. It’s used in products like wine, beer, and spirits. Alcohol is made through a process called fermentation. The sugars in fruits, grains, and vegetables begin to ferment as the food item grows older. This fermentation occurs as the sugars react with bacteria or yeast. When people drink alcoholic beverages frequently, and for an extended amount of time, they can experience illnesses. Alcohol is known to have adverse effects on the liver and other body parts and bodily functions.

Recognizable symptoms.


Alcohol Detox at Mountainview

When a person drinks alcohol, he or she will experience various symptoms. Initially, drinking too much alcohol can make a person feel drowsy. It can cause slurring of speech and headaches. Other short-term effects might include:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Unconsciousness
  • Loss of perception
  • Lack of coordination
  • Vision and hearing distortion

As an individual consumes more alcohol, tolerance may begin to set it. The person will start needing more alcohol to feel the effects of alcohol. Doses will begin to increase, and the person will drink more excessively. Eventually, the individual’s body might become dependent on alcohol. As physical dependency occurs, the body will feel “abnormal” if it does not have alcohol in its system.

Alcoholism is usually characterized by these signs:

  • The person feels calm only after a drink.
  • He or she avoids responsibilities because of alcohol.
  • The individual can’t avoid drinking, even if he or she tries.
  • The person drinks alcohol first thing in the morning.
  • Alcohol dependency consumes a person’s thoughts.
  • Sometimes, he or she may be dishonest about drinking habits.

It can be a difficult process.


When a person stops drinking alcohol, the withdrawal symptoms are not easy to deal with. The individual might experience intense headaches, shakiness, severe sweating, and sleeping problems. Sometimes, people who are withdrawing from the heavy use of alcohol may have nausea or vomiting spells.

Hallucinations, delusions, or serious confusion can occur in severe cases of withdrawal. The symptoms will vary from person to person. But, in any case, it is very difficult to go through the process of withdrawal. That’s why it is important to undergo detox and treatment with the help of professionals.

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Mountainview Recovery is a sober living facility which provides medication-assisted treatment (MAT) which is known to help people who have become dependent on an addictive substance. We use medication to help individuals who are dealing with dependency. Prescriptions such as Suboxone and Vivitrol can help make the detox and recovery process much easier.

Want to be free from alcohol dependence? If you think MAT can help you, contact Mountainview Recovery today.