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For people who are dealing with alcohol addiction, recovery may seem hard to obtain. How do you overcome something like alcoholism? Although there are signs and symptoms, it seems like an addiction sometimes comes without warning. And, when you find yourself struggling to control how much you drink, you finally realize that an addiction problem has developed. At that point, it seems like it’s too late to really overcome the issue. If you are feeling this way, you’re not alone. There are many people who are currently dealing with fear and doubt concerning treatment and recovery. Some people are afraid to seek help because they don’t know if treatment will work for them. And many individuals are convinced that quitting cold turkey is probably the best way to end substance abuse. But, an alcohol detox program is actually the right way to go.

Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

Sadly, alcohol abuse and addiction are common problems in our communities. Alcoholism creates so many other issues in the lives of those who struggle with it. Many individuals become unable to work or continue school. Some become separated from their family and friends. Others are driven out of their homes or communities because of shame. There are absolutely no benefits to addiction. The results can only be negative. And, for some people, those negative results are extremely crushing. A lot of people become depressed. Mental illness and addiction are never a good mix. Unfortunately, countless people are suffering from both of these problems at the same time. But, the good news is that there’s hope!

Believe it or not, even with all of the negative effects of substance abuse, there is help out there for people who are dealing with alcoholism. People don’t have to continue suffering. They can find the peace they need and work their way towards total recovery. One of the ways in which some people choose to find freedom is by ending alcohol use on their own. This method is often referred to as “quitting cold turkey”. Another way to recover from addiction is through an alcohol detox program. Now, we’ve just mentioned two different methods that can be used for overcoming alcoholism. But, which one is better and why? And which one should you choose? Let’s talk about that right now.

Comparing the Two Choices

Quitting cold turkey, or detoxing on your own, is often the most favored choice among people who wish to get past addiction. There are several reasons why people would rather choose to quit without help. One of the reasons is really simple: it’s free. You don’t have to pay for expensive professional treatment if you detox on your own. Another reason people choose this method is that it doesn’t take as much time as an alcohol detox program would take. However, though both of these reasons seem legitimate, they aren’t good enough reasons to risk your life. That’s right; detoxing alone is extremely dangerous and could cause a lot of harm. The withdrawal symptoms you feel while trying to end alcohol abuse can be very intense. So, it’s best not to go through the withdrawal process alone.

A professional alcohol detox program, however, presents a much safer avenue. It allows you to have help from medical professionals as you go through the detox process. It’s true that treatment is not a quick and easy process. But, that’s because treatment includes therapy and counseling which work to help you learn how to avoid relapse in the future. A drug and alcohol detox program doesn’t just help you end a physical addiction problem. It also helps to treat you mentally and emotionally so that you can think and feel more positively.

Mountainview Recovery’s drug and alcohol detox program can give you the guidance you need in order to overcome addiction. If you need help, please contact us today.