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Mountainview Recovery provides alcohol addiction treatment to help guide you through every step of drug rehab & substance abuse treatment. Our substance abuse treatment and drug rehab center offers personalized care for our family of patients. Our unique recovery center setting allows our patients to unplug and focus on their recovery in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains!

About Our Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

A person’s alcohol addiction treatment experience often depends on the type of substance he/she are recovering from, the severity of the addiction and any co-occurring conditions, such as a mental health disorder, that may be present.

The intake process at Mountainview Recovery is a good opportunity to discuss what lies ahead with health professionals. During this time, health professionals may ask you questions regarding your past and current substance abuse, relevant medical conditions and home life. It’s important that health professionals gather this information so they can develop the most effective treatment plan possible.

At Mountainview Recovery, our Alcohol Addiction Treatment programs are customized for each individual. We want each of our patients to know that their recovery and care while going through Alcohol Addiction Treatment is thoroughly planned and effective. We encourage each prospective new patient to call us and allow our trained staff to answer each and every questions you might have about our Alcohol Addiction Treatment programs

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

What is alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a term associated with severe alcohol abuse. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) depicts alcohol use disorder (AUD) as an ongoing brain disease portrayed by impulsive drinking, loss of authority over the abuse of alcohol, and the experience of negative feelings when not utilizing alcohol. In numerous cases, the terms alcohol abuse and AUD are utilized to some degree reciprocally.

A portion of the signs, side effects, and conduct changes used to make an analysis of an AUD include:

  • Yearnings or compelling impulses to drink.
  • A steady longing however a failure to quit drinking.
  • Repetitive drinking in risky circumstances, for example, driving a vehicle.
  • Abandoning once significant social, word related, or sporting exercises as a result of liquor use.
  • Liquor resilience or the requirement for expanding sums to accomplish an ideal degree of inebriation.
  • Encountering actual withdrawal manifestations, for example, queasiness, quakes, or seizures subsequent to halting drinking.

In 2018, an expected 14.4 million Americans beyond 18 401,000 years old AUD. furthermore, around 401,000 youth, ages 12 to 17, additionally met the standards to be determined to have AUD.

What are the causes of alcohol addiction?

Many may consider what makes alcohol addiction develop in individuals, however there is no straightforward response to this question. The advancement of AUD is believed to be affected by a combination of numerous components, including hereditary qualities and climate.

Past examinations have upheld a possible connection between a hereditary weakness to depression and AUD development. Others have proposed a heritable segment to drinking at a youthful age and a resulting higher danger of creating AUD. Also, encountering youth injury could expand the danger of creating liquor addiction.

Different variables associated with the advancement of an AUD are as yet being investigated. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration noticed that an individual’s home climate could influence their danger of turning into someone who develops an addiction to alcohol.

Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Use Disorder

A conclusion of alcohol use disorder issue might be given to individuals with dangerous examples of drinking conduct that have a critical negative effect on their everyday lives. For instance, numerous individuals will in general hit the bottle hard in the event that they have a liquor use problem. There are numerous signs and manifestations of AUD, a few of which we referenced before.

Not every heavy drinker experiences liquor addiction, or extreme liquor use problems. All things considered, the broadness of somebody’s alcohol use problem is really controlled by set of 11 demonstrative criteria that are utilized to analyze AUDs.

Medical care experts, including doctors, therapists, and other qualified conduct wellbeing specialists may make an AUD finding dependent on the presence of these signs and manifestations. Should an individual meet at any rate 2 of the accompanying demonstrative models inside a year time span, they may have AUD and could benefit from alcohol addiction treatment:

  • Drinking more liquor than you initially expected to or drinking more often than you had arranged.
  • Encountering yearnings to utilize liquor.
  • Encountering indications of actual withdrawal when liquor is retained.
  • Surrendering things that you recently delighted in, for example, sports and diversions, to burn-through liquor.
  • Investing a lot of energy and cash obtaining, utilizing, and recuperating from utilizing liquor.
  • The powerlessness to satisfy jobs at work, school, or home as a result of liquor use.
  • Resilience to liquor, which implies that an individual needs to continue to drink increasingly more to feel the impacts of liquor.
  • Fruitless endeavors to scale back or quit utilizing liquor.
  • Utilizing liquor regardless of whether it exacerbates a psychological or actual issue.
  • Utilizing liquor despite the fact that it causes family or other relational clashes.
  • Utilizing liquor when it is perilous to do as such, for example, driving drunk.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

In spite of the fact that there is no complete, one-size-fits-all remedy for alcohol addiction treatment, there are numerous alternatives to treat it. For the vast majority, alcohol detox is the initial phase in treating alcohol addiction. For individuals with huge degrees of physiological alcohol addiction, endeavors to unexpectedly quit drinking alone could be dangerous, as genuine difficulties, including withdrawal seizures, may occur. An administered clinical alcohol detox program might be expected to keep an individual protected and safe all through withdrawal.

For individuals at high danger of extreme withdrawal, residential treatment—either in an emergency clinic based setting or longer-term restoration office ready to medicinally oversee intense alcohol withdrawal—might be expected to balance out an individual in early alcohol addiction treatment. After successful withdrawal through clinical detox, a time of more comprehensive rehab may start. The different treatment settings for various alcohol addiction treatment include:

  • Residential Treatment: Can be a temporary program enduring a couple of months, or a drawn out program enduring as long as a year or more. Residential treatment ordinarily follows inpatient treatment and is fitting for the individuals who recently went to an inpatient or potentially outpatient program, yet who need proceeded with management to look after temperance.
  • Outpatient treatment: When an individual comes to treatment for a couple of hours, 2 to 3 times each week, and can keep living at home. This sort of treatment might be the principal phase of treatment for somebody with a less serious AUD. Be that as it may, it very well may be the second phase of treatment for somebody who has finished treatment in an inpatient office.

Regardless of whether treatment is given on an inpatient or outpatient premise, numerous substance abuse treatment projects will utilize a blend of a few treatment draws near. A portion of the various kinds of treatment may include:

  • Behavioral Treatment, including psychological social treatment (CBT) and persuasive improvement. Both of these methodologies center around assisting an individual with AUD correct the addiction. Motivation enhancement is centered around getting an individual to draw in with their treatment and beating boundaries to evolving practices. CBT centers around distinguishing maladaptive practices and growing new adapting abilities to more readily keep up sobriety and minimize relapse.
  • Family treatment, including helping a family defined limits and practices, which can improve recuperation for the relative with AUD.
  • Treatment for dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders, which includes a coordinated treatment methodology for both alcohol addiction treatment and a psychological wellness help, for example, despondency or tension. The treatment of the two conditions assists with supporting recuperation from the two issues.
  • 12-step or other shared care group gatherings, for example, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) which stresses acknowledgment of AUD and continuous help and recuperation.

People in alcohol addiction treatment can benefit by the utilization of medication assisted treatment, which may assist with supporting an individual in recovery by limiting cravings and diminishing the danger of relapse. In a combination with social treatments, there are a few medications utilized for this reason, including:

  • Campral, otherwise called acamprosate, follows up on the GABA and glutamate synapse frameworks. Campral assists with controlling the a sleeping disorder, tension, and anxiety that regularly go with liquor withdrawal. It can assist individuals with keeping up term recuperation, particularly in those individuals who are seriously liquor subordinate.
  • Disulfiram (Antabuse) prevents drinking in patients exceptionally energetic to stop. In the event that an individual takes disulfiram and, at that point utilizes liquor, the outcome is flushing, queasiness, and heart palpitations.
  • Naltrexone, which follows up on the narcotic receptors in the cerebrum to impede the award of drinking and conceivably lessen longings for liquor. An all-inclusive delivery structure (Vivitrol) just must be regulated by infusion once per month.
  • Topiramate is commonly utilized off-mark to help decline kept savoring conduct recuperating people.


John Turner
John Turner
05:24 26 Apr 21
I hate the way things turned out for me with mountain view because I was looking forward to the opportunity to go into... this facility. My wife had discovered the facility online and was excited about me going because they seem to be very professional and on top of their game when it comes to rehabilitation and mental health services. She spoke with the man named Jordan who had said everything up when he discovered that we had really good medical insurance he went right to work for us. After speaking with him and explain to my situation he shared with me a few things that we would have to do that we're kind of shady to manipulate the system in order to get my insurance to be able to pay. The manipulator that I am I was eager to participate but also concerned at the same time. So I made sure that I recorded all her phone calls. And I did as I was told. Well I was at the detox center in English mountain a completely different facility which I later discovered Jordan had a special special interest in I had a complication with a counselor there. The counselor had violated a HIPAA rule and cause problems for me. When Jordan didn't discovered this haven't had personal dealings with accounts for he chose to punish me by telling me that I had to wait 2 weeks at that facility the detox facility before I could come and begin my 30-day program at mountain view. Now I'm sitting in a motel room riding a review not sure what I'm going to go to next. And in fact I feel like I'm at my last straw. This may be it for me thanks a lot Jordan have a niceread more
William Loretti
William Loretti
19:57 18 Apr 21
I have been to several treatment facilities but I have never experienced anything like this. It's amazing, the love and... care I've received from my peers and staff. All of the staff has been there for me, to answer any questions and help me with any issues I was dealing with. I thank God for these people and I'm sincerely thankful for all of the great relationships/friendships I've built coming into this programread more
Melissa Ingram
Melissa Ingram
00:53 18 Apr 21
Mountainview is an awesome recovery center. They truly care about the people in the program. When my sister decided... she wanted help, I researched several recovery centers and I knew Mountainview was the one for her. Jordan talked to me several times about the process and answered my calls/questions every time I called. I felt comfortable when we dropped my sister off, like we were leaving her with family. Mountainview gave her the help she needed to stop using drugs and take back her life. She completed the program at Mountainview over two months ago and she is still doing great. We are so proud of her, and could not be more grateful for the staff and program at more
Kathryn Bolton
Kathryn Bolton
20:59 17 Apr 21
Deciding to go to Mountainview Recovery was one of the best decisions of my life. I was on a path to nowhere fast, and... I honestly would not be here right now if it wasn't for their program. From the very beginning, Jordan was wonderful to deal with. It did not matter what time of day it was, if you had a question, he was answering the phone. When I arrived at MV, everyone I met greeted me with open arms. They understood where I was coming from and genuinely cared about helping me get to where I wanted to be. I could not recommend this place anymore than I do. It is life changing and I am forever grateful to them ❤️❤️❤️read more
Preston Collingwood
Preston Collingwood
16:14 07 Mar 21
There’s so many good things to say about Mountain View recovery, it’s better than any rehab I’ve been too. My... experience was great, this was the place to actually make me want to chase my recovery. The staff are caring and experienced. If you have a problem, it gets addressed and fixed immediately. Mountain View recovery is very connected. You’re group members will become your friends. Then after you complete the program the staff care so much as to keep up with you and help anyway the can. If you want recovery, sobriety and taught how to maintain it come here!read more
Diane Petty
Diane Petty
16:27 01 Mar 21
Today, our son has been sober for a year. We are so proud of his progress and are very thankful that we chose the staff... at Mountainview as his recovery team. Thanks to each of you for giving him the support, insight and compassion that helped guide him in the right direction. You gave him what he needed to help himself and his family be happier and more
Mandy Brown
Mandy Brown
10:10 22 Feb 21
I transferred to Mountainview Recovery after a month of rehab at a different treatment center. I found that the two... centers were very different in their approach to recovery, as well as how the staff treated me as a client. From my very first day, I was treated like family at Mountainview. Through daily classes and psychotherapy, I gained the knowledge that I needed to maintain my sobriety. I came to understand why I had an addiction & eventually found the strength that I needed to return to my normal life without relying on a substance to escape. The house is beautiful & managed by staff that go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. Food was provided with weekly gift cards so we could eat what we wanted. Most of us made meals together. We had meetings by the fire pit & went on weekly hikes. I am so thankful for the lifelong connections & friendships that I made at MVR.I am stronger & happier now than I have been in decades. I wake up each morning with purpose & a sense of hope. I give Mountainview so much credit for my recovery. I could have never done this on my more
Ryan M
Ryan M
18:39 10 Feb 21
I’ve had the pleasure of working with and referring to Mountainview Recovery since their program opened. They have a... skilled and dedicated staff who work diligently to provide quality care to their clients. I definitely recommend this program for those struggling with and wishing to recover from substance use more
00:40 21 Jan 21
This is an excellent program for anyone who struggles with the disease of addiction. The staff are nothing short of... awesome. You will have group therapy, one on one sessions and other treatment options such as yoga, acupuncture and animal therapy.The staff at MV are friendly, openly caring about your well being and addressing your physical, mental and emotional health. There are daily opportunities to interact with on site medical services. The therapists are among the best in the country.The residential and clinical facilities are clean and well maintained with amenities such as walk in shower and a huge kitchen den combination with big screen TV's.Staff are experienced and on site 24/7 to assist in any manner that you need. I speak from experience as I am an alumni of this program and still maintain a relationship with them to this day.I can honestly say that this is the best treatment option available to help you move past your addiction and move on with your life in a healthy and productive manner.Thank you to the owners and folks changed my life in a huge more
Joshua Shelton
Joshua Shelton
16:06 16 Jan 21
I highly recommend Mountainview recovery for the addict that still suffers. These folks saved my brother’s life! They... took him in with no doubts and helped turn him into the participating member of society he is today. I love this place and will ALWAYS do what I can to more
Crystal Lancaster
Crystal Lancaster
21:56 14 Jan 21
I am so blessed in so many different ways to share an experience of hope, wellness and dedication to a healthy and... happy lifestyle thru Mountainview Recovery. The support and compassion given to those looking for peace and a better way of life is above and beyond. I'm thankful I've been given the opportunity to grow along a dedicated staff, that is constantly focused on providing the best care they can. If your looking for guidance and support in overcoming the trauma and pains of addiction this is a place for just that. The opposite of addiction is connection and Mountainview wants to provide the connections to help establish a life without the use of drugs. It is possible to recover and this is a place to more
Makenzie St. Louis
Makenzie St. Louis
21:49 11 Jan 21
I started working here in September 2020 and have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far! We have fun in recovery and I love... working with clients to show them how incredible a sober, healthy life can be. I specialize in treating mental health and substance abuse, and utilize various techniques to ensure client’s treatment is individualized. My coworkers and I truly value each person that walks through our doors!read more
19:32 11 Jan 21
Mountainview Recovery has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Their staff is caring, professional and truly does... look out for the well-being of their patients. In my experience, I have never worked with a group of drug rehab/substance abuse professionals that are better than the ones at Mountainview Recovery. I recommend this office 10/10 to my friends, family and anyone that is looking for the best drug rehab or drug detox more
Brian Harkins
Brian Harkins
18:48 26 Nov 20
I am forever grateful to Mountainview Recovery for the following:1) saving my life2) GIVING me a beautiful life I... could never imagine in the depths of my addiction and despairThe staff at MVR understand recovery is a full-contact, lifelong process. If you’re willing to put in the work, they will not let you fail and will demonstrate incredible patience while guiding you on your path forward. Please give them a call if you or a loved one needs more
Brandy McCarter
Brandy McCarter
13:48 15 Nov 20
Such an amazing family owned facility! A staff that truly cares for the well-being of those who need help. If you or a... loved one is struggling this is the place to be. I’m so glad my loved one took a leap of faith and has forever changed him for the better. I searched for days to find the very best and here is simply that. He has always spoke very highly of how well he was treated and helped throughout the more
Freda Woody
Freda Woody
15:50 30 Oct 20
I am a new employee of Mountainview Recovery. I am amazed every day at the changes that I see in the clients during... their recovery. This is the first job that I have had in over 20 years that I do not dread coming into work! I even frequently come in early! The staff are very supportive of the clients AND each other. I think the spiritual aspect of the program is what has made a difference in the clients who have not been successful in other programs. If someone that you know is in need of turning their life around....this is THE PLACE that you want them to experience!!read more
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