There is help.

Substance Addictions.

Our sole purpose at Mountainview Recovery is to help those in need of recovery from substance addiction. Our staff is comprised of therapists, medical doctors, and registered nurses who have all come together with one common goal: to treat addicts in the hopes that they can overcome their dependences.

Opioid Addictions.

2.1 million people are currently dealing with opioid use disorder, which results in over 40,000 deaths each year. The opioid epidemic has never been more dangerous, and we’re here to help.


Alcohol Addictions.

Over 40 percent of all alcohol users have reported binge drinking in the last month, a problem that can lead to violent behavior, car accidents, alcohol poisoning, and death. With Mountainview Recovery on your side, you can learn to say no to the bottle and yes to a new way of living.


Non-Opioid Addictions.

Non-opioid drugs, such as stimulants, affect more than one million Americans yearly – and almost a third of them have had to receive some sort of professional treatment for stimulant addiction.