Comparing Addiction Group Therapy and Individual Therapy

group and individual therapy for substance addiction

Many people who are working to recover from an addiction problem struggle to find the best route of treatment. With so many options for addiction treatment out there, it can be pretty difficult to determine the right path for you. One of the things people might be concerned about is therapy. It’s true that there are lots of different types of therapy that are used to treat addiction problems. But, it all pretty much boils down to two specific categories: individual and group therapy. Which is better? Should you look into addiction group therapy? Or is individual therapy for substance abuse the best course of action for you? How can you tell? Well, of course, both types of therapy present their own benefits. So, it’s important to know a little about what each of these can offer you. Let’s take a closer look and compare both categories of therapy for addiction treatment.

About Addiction Group Therapy

When people take part in addiction group therapy, they are involved in a method of treatment that helps multiple people at once. While in group therapy sessions, people can share their struggles and feelings with others who are in therapy for substance abuse. They can speak about the challenges which they are facing as they work to overcome addiction. But addiction group therapy isn’t exactly as simple as a couple of group meetings centered around these discussions. People who are in group therapy may receive education about addiction and recovery. Through this kind of therapy, people can learn more about why therapy and treatment are necessary. They can also gain more understanding of how to overcome the challenges that might occur on the journey to recovery.

Addiction group therapy can also help people to gain more interpersonal skills. While living with an addiction, many individuals become isolated and separated from family members and friends. They may spend more time alone than with other people. Addiction often causes people to feel lonely. Individuals often feel ashamed about their struggle with drugs or alcohol. As a result, many of the people in recovery can sometimes struggle to connect with others. But, group therapy sessions help to eliminate those feelings of isolation and encourage people to connect and interact with other individuals in recovery.

Group therapy is an integral part of addiction recovery

More About Individual Therapy for Addiction

In individual therapy sessions, people can think more individually about recovery. This kind of therapy involves sessions with only the individual and his or her therapist. Sessions like this allow people in recovery to focus more deeply on the effects of addiction in their own lives. It can also create the setting people need in order to feel more comfortable about sharing their feelings and expressing their emotions. Just as with group therapy, individual addiction therapy has many different approaches. There is cognitive behavioral therapy, also known as CBT. People can gain a deeper understanding of their own thought processes and behaviors. This allows one to concentrate on improving the harmful patterns that have contributed to the addiction problem. There is also dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and narrative therapy. Each of these options helps to encourage positive thinking patterns and processes in the individual’s life.

Which is Right for Me?

Of course, the main goal of learning about these different routes of therapy is to answer this question. Since addiction affects people in varying ways, it’s important to find the most helpful approach to treatment. The right answer will be different for everyone. Some may benefit more from individual therapy while others thrive in group settings. In many cases, people are able to benefit from both types of therapy. But, the good news is that you don’t have to figure out which therapy is best for you on your own. Here at Mountainview Recovery, we help our clients by finding the most helpful approach to treatment. So, if you are ready to overcome substance misuse, just contact us today!

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