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Exceptional Drug Rehab & Substance Abuse Treatment facility in Asheville, NC

Mountainview Recovery is an exceptional drug rehabilitation & substance abuse treatment facility next to Asheville, NC, dedicated to the most progressive addiction treatment and substance abuse recovery methods. Mountainview Recovery offers a unique educational and therapeutic rehabilitation experience that aligns with the most highly regarded standards of drug addiction treatment.

Rehabilitation at Mountainview Recovery is far from ordinary.  It is not a revolving door recovery center where one-size-all treatment plans may or may not work. Mountainview Recovery provides a myriad of specialized treatment programs that support the addicted person and their loved one from start to finish in the course of rehabilitation. Moreover, treatment plans are made on an individual basis, and the experts at Mountainview Recovery involve the addicted person throughout, knowing that they must have a stake in their own recovery and rehabilitation. After all, the addiction treatment staff professionals, patients and loved ones all work toward the same goals together. You are never alone during your treatment at Mountainview Recovery.

It’s easy to begin drug rehabilitation at Mountainview Recovery because they will recognize you as an individual. Partner with them today and you will soon realize what a tremendous resource they are in your life. Additionally, you’ll learn the crucial role the understanding staff plays in your journey toward drug addiction recovery and rehabilitation. For more information about Mountainview Recovery, call 833-489-4460 today! To learn more about drug addiction, the Mountainview Recovery website is a great place to research!

Mountainview Recovery is exceptional because it offers many types of substance abuse treatment programs within one drug rehabilitation facility, regardless of your drug(s) of addiction.

  • Drug & Alcohol Detox Program
  • Residential Treatment Program
  • Individual Substance Abuse Therapy
  • Group Substance Abuse Therapy
  • Spiritual Care
  • Aftercare

Drug Rehabilitation Facility

“Such an amazing family owned facility! A staff that truly cares for the well-being of those who need help. If you or a loved one is struggling this is the place to be. I’m so glad my loved one took a leap of faith and has forever changed him for the better. I searched for days to find the very best and here is simply that. He has always spoke very highly of how well he was treated and helped throughout the process.”

– Brandy McCarter

Our History

Mountainview Recovery is family owned and operated with the belief that every single person going through addiction recovery should be treated with the kindness, respect and professional care they deserve. Started in 2018, Mountainview Recovery works hard everyday to provide each and every patient the highest quality addiction recovery and substance abuse treatment services. Starting with their personalized treatment recovery plans and continuing through their aftercare services, Mountainview Recovery continues to deliver the best addiction recovery care around.

Substance Abuse Treatment

“My direct experience with MVR both personally and professionally has been one of great respect and admiration. Everyone from Admission staff, Clinical staff and Housing staff have nothing but my upmost respect. MVR’s mission is directly focused on client care. This family focus towards treatment has proven time and again to change peoples lives for the better.”

– C. Howar

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